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Microblading Studio & Permanent Cosmetics Training Center

Microblading Studio & Permanent Cosmetics Training Center

Trust our experienced technicians with your PMU desires. Let us transform your Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips with Natural results.


Trust our experienced technicians with your PMU desires. Let us transform your Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips with Natural results.

About Us


At 33 Stones we provide permanent cosmetic services that enhance your natural beauty or replace what has been lost. Although permanent cosmetics are a permanent procedure, it will fade over time and require touch ups. This method is a form of tattooing where the pigment is implanted into the skin and is formulated to fade so you can change it around as you age. 

We offer services for Eyebrows, MIcroblading, Ombre powder brows or a combination of both. Eyeliner with several different variations to choose from. We even offer GUYLINER. Yes men can have this procedure too.

 Lip blushing to full lipstick effect. 

Areola re-pigmentation is also available for Survivors for preventative removal to put back the areola due to a mastectomy caused by breast cancer. We also cater to simple augmentations. 

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) one of the hottest new trends for men, to give them that instant hair growth look by tattooing a simulation of hairs to give the shaved head look restoring their youthful appearance.

We offer tattoo removal for permanent cosmetics that did not age well, or were performed poorly. In addition we also are capable of removing  small body art tattoos.

The service of Microneedling or as some call it (collagen induction therapy) is the best anti aging cell rejuvenation procedure out. this procedure has little to no down time. Its cost effective and  problem solving instead of just a symptom fixer.

These procedures can be performed on women and men over the age of 18 and  are great for clients or patients that suffer from alopecia (hair loss). Patients that have undergone chemotherpy. People whom over tweezed or shaved off the brows when they were younger. Permanent Cosmetics can be a simple enhancement adding to areas that hair has become thin and sparse.

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Sarah Hummel, CPCP

Sarah Hummel, CPCP Owner/Cosmetic Tattooist/Educator


Sarah Hummel CPCP, Owner of Thirty3 Stones, is a Master Technician of Permanent Cosmetics. Member of the SPCP, Sarah is a Certified Permanent Makeup technician and Fundamental trainer for those looking to preform these procedures.

She is a  licensed cosmetologist since 2001 and certified in Permanent cosmetics since 2006. She worked as an Esthetician, cosmetologist, and Makeup Artist for several large companies. Thirty3 Stones Permanent Cosmetics was born in 2015 and  Sarah and her team pride themselves in their craft. Sarah’s skill level and knowledge of her craft makes her a top notch technician. She continues her education with advanced classes and workshops often. Always evolving with the changing times and techniques, Sarah is able to create soft, natural, and realistic results that are sure to complement the most skeptical of clients. Please view our gallery for before and after’s of her and her teams work!


  • CPCP Certified Permanent Makeup Technician
  • Certified Permanent Cosmetic Artist Since 2006
  • SPCP Member Permanent Makeup Technician Trainer Fundamentals & Advanced Classes
  • SPCP Member Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professional  since 2012
  • OSHA Certified Blood borne Pathogens Certificate annually 
  • Licensed Body Art Practitioner annually 
  • Permitted by Environmental Health Services
  • Licensed Esthetician 2001
  • Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Microneedling Certified

Advanced Classes and Certifications

  • 2019 SPCP Convention speaker
  • SPCP Train the Trainer Completion
  • Advanced Color Theory & Correction Certificate
  • Breast and Nipple Reconstruction Certificate
  • Advanced Needle Techniques Certificate
  • 3D Dimensional  Eyebrows & Eyeliner Certificate
  • Semi Annual Continued Education Class
  • SPCP Convention/Conference attendee annually
  • 18 hours Advanced Education 2012
  • 18 hours Advanced Education 2013
  • 20 hours Advanced Education 2014
  • 20 hours Advanced Education 2015
  • 14 hours advanced Education 2016
  • 16 hours advanced Education 2017
  • 16 hours advanced Education with Mary Ritcherson and Lucija Pen
  • 18 hours SPCP advanced Education 2018
  • AmericaThe Beautiful advanced Education 2019
  • 18 Hours SPCP Advanced Education 2019
  • Certified Body Art Practitioner licensed 
  • Micro needling Certified by Dr. Lance Setterfield
  • To view Sarah’s portfolio please visit her Facebook or Instagram
  • www.facebook.com/sarahhummelpermanentmakeup
  • Instagram: @sarahfaceartist  @33stonespermanentmakeup

We are know offering Fundamental and Advance Training to qualify students.
Inquiries Email us @ Thirty3stones@gmail.com


Randa Rae Dove- Cosmetic Tattooist

Randa has Interned with Sarah for 2 years and specializes in tattoo removal and ombre brows. She is certified licensed permanent cosmetic Artist. 

Ig; @randaspmu


Vanessa Berrueco- Cosmetic Tattooist/ Threading Specialist


Note: Rates are subject to change and are non-negotiable

Fundamental Training

7- day Fundamental Classes


Email Thirty3stones @gmail.com for next training dates

Rancho Cucamonga, California  Facility or 

@Highbrowlab.com Irvine, California 

Color Corrections 1 or 2-Day Classes


Coming soon Please Call or email for info.

Advanced Classes-


Microblading Advanced 2 day class.

Microblade to Ombre Brow by Machine Conversion class.

Important Information

Before your Procedure

Please avoid any blood thinners, ibuprofen ,Advil, aspirin, naproxen. Tylonal is ok. Avoid caffeine the day of. Do not exercise the morning of and be prepared to limit your excersize for a few following days after your procedure. We cannot work on sunburned skin so please be advised. Botox needs to be done after your procedure or a minimum of two weeks prior to getting eyebrows done. We will not work on you if pregnant. Come with or with out your makeup 


The day of your procedure you will be sent home with detailed aftercare instructions and the proper cream to take care of it. Post procedure every 2 hours you will gently cleanse the area with water for about 24 hours. You will start your aftercare cream 3 times daily for 2 weeks. After 24 hours gently water splash and refresh with water then apply after inked cream morning and night. You will do this until all the scabs have fallen off which is usually 9-14 days. No soaking in water avoid direct sunlight. Suggested to postpone vacations involving swimming steam room saunas jacuzzis exercising for ten days and direct sun exposure. Do not pick pluck pull or rub vigorously until all scabs have fallen off. 

'For the life of the tattoo use sunscreen when exposed to sun to prevent color from fading.

Avoid anti aging creams and products for acne that will also fade your pigment.

Booking Fee

• $150 Booking fee is required for all Permanent Makeup bookings and will be used towards your procedure. This is a non-refundable fee to secure the technician you will show for your appointment and the technician is not at a loss of wages. Your booking fee will go towards your procedure. Please be ready to book so you do not loose your fee.

No Children during procedure

Please no children at your appointment!!!! At the request of the San Bernardino County Health Department no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the procedure room. Thank you for understanding.

Touch ups and refreshers

*6 Week touch up $150+ up
*****ALL APPOINTMENTS HAVE A FEE WE DO NOT INCLUDE TOUCH UPS IN ORIGINAL PROCEDURES.All services are recommended to have at least 1 touch up to finalize service. If third touch up is needed *(for any service) to complete a procedure a determined charge will be collected.

Refreshers and Future touch ups 

$150 at 6 weeks $175 After 6 Months to 1 year

$225 After 1 Years to 1.5 years

$275 1.5 to 2Years

$375 3 years to 4 years 

Full Price after 4years and may need evaluation for price quote


Day 1 Brows look amazing but shocking, takes your brain about 3 days to adjust. 

Day 3 the brows are extremely dark and bothersome.

Day7 Brows have started Shedding leaving them patchy and awkward. 

Day 10 almost scab free Looks like all pigment has fallen out, you begin to panic. 

Day 14-30 the color will continue to change and blossom be patient this is where your absolute trust comes in. You may fill in with pencil or powder while waiting for your touch up appointment microblading eyebrows permanent makeup Microblading in Hesperia

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Cancellation Policy

Give at least 48 hours for all Cancellations or a new booking fee will be required before rescheduling. This fee is non refundable. If appointment is not cancelled or rescheduled before the 48 hour period, you WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY A NEW $150 booking fee. If you no show no call a full payment will be requested before re booking your appointment. All Services are NoN refundable please be prepared do you research before booking appointments. Thank you!!

33 Stones

14920 Main Street, Suite 5 Hesperia, California 92345, United States

Hesperia, Ca (760) 998-5960 Rancho Cucamonga, Ca (909)333-6349


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